Sunday, August 31, 2008

We are finally home!!!

We made it home yesterday afternoon around 4. It is so nice to be back home where we can sleep in our own beds. I think that Peyton was glad to be home also. He ran all over the home just laughing. He then pulled my mother back to his room so that she could open the door for him to run all around his room. We had a great evening just relaxing around the house with daddy. Peyton went to bed early because he did not get a nap (he does not sleep in the car), which allowed me to go to bed early. We started back with our eating today and of course Peyton was going to try me again. He is going to learn that mommy is not going to give in. Later in the day was better then the morning meal. We have already found some new toys that are just for meal time. Tomorrow I will begin teaching Mrs. Pat how to feed Peyton then my mother will also help once I go back to work. I will be back in the classroom on Tuesday (Peyton's 3rd Birthday). I am working on a small get together for Saturday to celebrate his birthday. There is nothing like planning a birthday party at the last minute. Shame on me!!!

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