Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow in Texas!!

Peyton is doing good. I think he is finally over whatever it was that he had. Thank goodness!! We have been keeping very busy around here also. He continues to love to go to school and play with his friends on Tuesdays. Yesterday we had a great treat.....snow!! I call Andy and had him take Peyton out to play in it while I was at work. They had a blast! Peyton did not want to come inside, he wanted to stay out and play. Here are a few pictures that Andy took of them playing out yesterday morning.

It snowed pretty much all day long yesterday and when I got home from work Peyton and I went out to play again. We had so much fun playing in the snow. He LOVED it!!! We threw snowballs at each other and just laughed.

Peyton was throwing a snowball at me here. I love the look on his face!

After we threw snowballs at each other Peyton plopped himself down in the snow and started making snow angels. He made lots of them.

We then worked together to make Peyton's first snowman. He thought that was great. He said... "That's the biggest snowman I've ever seen!"

Then we tried catching snow in out mouth! What fun.
Still snowing!

This morning this is what we woke up to.....

It is so beautiful outside. It has not done this in I don't know how many years. It was great. School was canceled so Peyton and I went out to play again. We played outside for a very long time. He once again did not want to come inside. We had lots of snow. As you can see it almost came to Peyton's knees.

We had to make more snow angels today. We would walk a few steps and he would plop himself down in the snow and laugh!

The dogs were even out having fun in the backyard.

Peyton played in his little play house some too.

He found one of his sandbox shovels and it made a great snow shovel!

What a great look on his face! He had so much fun.

Peyton then found that he could pull on the branch on the tree and the snow would fall on him. He shook until the snow was all gone from the limb.

What a great day in the snow!!