Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trip to the zoo and new toy at Gaga and Papa's house.

Since I am on Spring Break and we have not really had a free day, today I decided to take Peyton to the Tyler Zoo. My mother joined us in going too. Peyton was very excited about going to see all the animals. While we were getting ready he just kept saying "go see the animals" over and over. He just could not wait. Since we were going to Tyler and Mrs. Mel works in Tyler we called her and told her that we were coming to the Zoo. She ended up meeting us at the zoo for an afternoon of fun!!! We were not the only ones that wanted to take advantage of the nice weather. There were tons of people there. Crazy me decided to take the stroller in because I did not want to carry him all afternoon, but we really did not need it. He just wanted to walk or run. He was not very happy when I put him in the stroller. I was amazed at how he was able to walk all the way. Here are a few pictures of our trip.

Peyton on the run!

What a great life....
One of the only time I could get him in his stroller. He still had to hold on to Mrs. Mel's hand.

He really enjoyed pushing his stroller!

Trip to the petting zoo.....

On our way home Peyton decided that we had to go to Papa and Gaga house. There was just no getting around it. They love to have him come. Imagine that!!! He usually drags my dad all over the house so that he can see all the clocks and makes my dad make them chime. He LOVES clocks. My dad has also fixed up a bunch of little old cars and trucks for him to play with. He carries those things all over the house. As of today he now has a new favorite toy at my parents house...... the piano!!! He played and played and played it today. We could have probably all walked out of the room and he would not have known. He was just to busy playing. Maybe we have us an artist!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Strong-willed little boy!!!

Today was Peyton's day to ride at Windridge. He loves going to ride Star! When Peyton is riding he is the one that is giving the commands to Star. This is usually not a problem. He tells Star to walk, stop, and trot. He even gets to hold the reins to guide star. Well today when Ms. Kim and Mrs. Debbie told Peyton to tell Star to trot, he did not and would not. Well Star just stood there. After about 15 minutes of standing there Ms. Kim came to me and told me what was going on and wanted to know if we had time to work this out. It was time for class to be over but they did not want him to get off until he finished giving all of his commands. If they took him off he would know that next time he does not want to do something he can just sit and wait it out. About 15 minutes later Kim came over to me again to see if we still had time and of course I said yes. I told her that this is the same kind of things he does with eating and drinking. It can be frustrating! Peyton's ride time is usually 30 minutes but today since he would not work he was on Star for 1 hour and 15 minutes (most of the time just standing) before he finally said the command. Once he finally said trot we all clapped and celebrated. He will one day learn that the adult will always win!! Here are a few pictures.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Enjoying the outdoors

Peyton has been loving the spring like weather. He loves to be outside! He is my little outdoors boy. He loves to swing, play in his fort, or just dig in the dirt. Right now we are trying to teach him that he can not just throw dirt on everything. He likes to put it on everything. He walks over to us and puts handfuls of dirt on our legs or arms. He even thought that his Gaga needed a little dirt in her glass of coke. LOL. By the middle of the week our weather had a huge change. It went from being in the high 70's low 80's to in the mid to high 30's and rainy. Today is the first day in three days that is has not been raining. I am thankful for the rain but not the cold. We really needed the rain. Here are just a few pictures of him swinging on his swing set.

Andy was trying to take a nap when he got home from work yesterday and Peyton decided to join him. I just had to take a picture. He is just so cute!!!

This week I am on Spring Break!! I really look forward to having the week to spend with Peyton. He still has all of the therapy but I hope that we are able to do some fun things too. The weather is suppose to be much nicer. I also really need to work on his scrapbook some too.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Frogs and Daffodils Fields

Peyton has had a great week. He has been able to be outside more due to the weather being nice. He so loves to be outside. Friday night we were sitting outside enjoying the nice weather and we saw our first frogs of the year. We have ponds all around our house so we have TONS of frogs usually. This was really the first time that Peyton has noticed them. It was so fun to watch him try to catch the frog. He was successful at touching it several times. As the frog jumped Peyton would follow. I am sure that he will have lots of chances to finally catch a frog.
Friday night a cool front came through our area and the temperatures dropped 30 degrees. What a change from Friday. It was 80 Friday and yesterday the high was only 55. That is our crazy east Texas weather for you. You just never know.
Yesterday we finally went to Mrs. Lee's Daffodil farm in Gladewater. I was so upset with myself for not going earlier in the season. Yesterday was to cool and way to windy to really enjoy. Most of the daffodils were already starting to die off. You just never know. Last year we went on March 1st and they were in full bloom. Next year I will be sure and go when they are in full bloom again. They are just so beautiful when they are in bloom. They have thousands there. Here are some of the pictures that we took while at the daffodil farm.