Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trip to the zoo and new toy at Gaga and Papa's house.

Since I am on Spring Break and we have not really had a free day, today I decided to take Peyton to the Tyler Zoo. My mother joined us in going too. Peyton was very excited about going to see all the animals. While we were getting ready he just kept saying "go see the animals" over and over. He just could not wait. Since we were going to Tyler and Mrs. Mel works in Tyler we called her and told her that we were coming to the Zoo. She ended up meeting us at the zoo for an afternoon of fun!!! We were not the only ones that wanted to take advantage of the nice weather. There were tons of people there. Crazy me decided to take the stroller in because I did not want to carry him all afternoon, but we really did not need it. He just wanted to walk or run. He was not very happy when I put him in the stroller. I was amazed at how he was able to walk all the way. Here are a few pictures of our trip.

Peyton on the run!

What a great life....
One of the only time I could get him in his stroller. He still had to hold on to Mrs. Mel's hand.

He really enjoyed pushing his stroller!

Trip to the petting zoo.....

On our way home Peyton decided that we had to go to Papa and Gaga house. There was just no getting around it. They love to have him come. Imagine that!!! He usually drags my dad all over the house so that he can see all the clocks and makes my dad make them chime. He LOVES clocks. My dad has also fixed up a bunch of little old cars and trucks for him to play with. He carries those things all over the house. As of today he now has a new favorite toy at my parents house...... the piano!!! He played and played and played it today. We could have probably all walked out of the room and he would not have known. He was just to busy playing. Maybe we have us an artist!!

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Melody said...

I had so much fun at the Zoo with you Peyton. I'm at a loss of words about how wonderful you are doing. we will have to get together again with your Mom and Gaga for another play date. keep up the good work Mom and Dad.Miss Mel is watching everything you are doing and is very proud of you. lots of love Miss Mell