Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of Pre-K for Peyton

Well today was a big day for Peyton. It was his first day of Pre-K. He was so excited about going to school. Last week he went to work with me some and he wanted to go to his classroom and not mine. We have talked about school for weeks now and he knew that today was the day. This morning when I woke him up he sat straight up in bed and said "I'm ready!"

Ready for school.
He was just so excited! He was going around the house saying "I'm so excited!" over and over again.
Arriving at school. He really just could not wait.
When we got to school he put his things in he locker and was ready for mom and dad to go. He had things to do and people to meet.
Just before finally letting him go.
I can't believe our sweet boy is now in school. Where has the time gone? It is going to fast. This is going to be a great year for him. He has a wonderful teacher. They will be doing lots of fun things through out the year and going lots of places.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Peyton's first plane ride

On Wednesday Peyton had his first plane ride. My parents along with Peyton and I flew to St. Paul, Minnesota for a family wedding. Peyton was so excited about going on a big airplane. I was dreading the security at the airport but we made it through without much drama. Then we made it to our gate and had to wait a while. Peyton watched all the planes go by asking each time "Is that our plane?" While we were waiting two people that work for Southwest Airlines came and found us and gave Peyton a little certificate that was for his first plane ride signed and dated. Thanks Caroline!! Here are a few pictures of us at the airport waiting on our plane.

Peyton playing his Ipod.

Peyton and Poppy
So excited!
Finally time to board the plane. He was so excited about getting on the plane. We found our seat and got all settled in for our ride. The plane was pack! I was a little nervous about how Peyton was going to do but he did great. We sat behind the wings the first half of out trip so it was a little louder. He did not care for the noise that the wings made at take off and landing. When we got to St. Louis we had a small layover so we moved up to the front of the plane while we waited for the others to board.

Watching a movie
While we waited in St. Louis Peyton was taken up to the cockpit by one of the ladies on the plane. Everyone was just so nice!
Just before the others began boarding we made our way back to out seats and Peyton crashed! He was so tired. He slept the second half of our trip.
Our cousin Diane and Doug met us at the airport. We have been very busy these few days that we have been here. Yesterday after we helped decorate for the wedding we had some down time so the four of us went to the Mall of America. While there we visited the Underwater Adventures. It was very neat to see all the fish and sea life. Peyton was not to fond of it. He did not like the sound. It was amazing!
When we left there we found a Build-a-Bear. Peyton pick out a horse to make. While I made the horse Peyton and my mother went out and waited. He did not like the sound in the store. Things were all better.
Here is Peyton's new friend....."Star".
Today we have a little down time this morning then this afternoon and evening we have wedding events. We are looking forward to seeing more family today. I have no idea what we have planned for tomorrow. Monday we head back home.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Windridge Open House

Yesterday was Windridge's big open house. This is their big fundraiser that helps to support them. They let the kids ride to show off what all they do while they are at therapy. Peyton loves Tuesday mornings when he get to go ride Star. Here are some of the pictures that I took while at the open house.
While we were waiting his turn to ride we walked around to explore all the other things around. He found the carriage and wanted to get in.

Then we went walking up the bridge to see where it took us.

Time for Peyton to ride Star.
Here he comes.

Peyton riding backwards
He just loves to ride!

After the kids rode they all got a ribbon to wear.

Peyton and his Poppy and Goggy
All of us after Peyton rode Star.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Yesterday, Peyton had a great time. Once we got home from church we went hunting Easter eggs. This was really his first time to actually hunt eggs. He had a great time. He thought it was very fun. Here some of the pictures that i took of him finding the eggs.

What fun!
On a mission

More eggs

Daddy and Peyton
Mommy and Peyton
I hope that everyone had a great Easter!

Helping mom and Dying eggs!

Peyton is doing great. He continues to eat and drink very well for us. His food must still have no lumps. I hope one day that he will be able to eat normal food. I know it will just take time.
We have had a busy weekend. Saturday we worked outside in the yard. When it came time to water, you know who wanted to help with that. He was such a big helper.

By the time all the plants were watered Peyton was soaked. He had such a great time.
Later Saturday afternoon we dyed eggs. This was really the first time that Peyton had dyed eggs. He was so excited!
Ready to dye eggs
Time to put the eggs in the dye
Watching the eggs change colors

This was after we were all done. It is in the wrong order.

Time to take out the eggs
He was such a big boy. He did not want any help.

What a great time we had!
I will post Easter Pictures later.