Thursday, June 25, 2009

Coming home soon!

We have had a great few days. Peyton is eating his bites and taking his drinks very well. He has even started doing the same for my mom. We are pleased! We have been given a go home day....this coming Tuesday!!! We can't wait. We will continue working with Peyton at home with his eating and drinking too. We also will continue to work with him on getting him ready for textures. He is just not ready for much texture yet. We have been given things that we need to do with him to help get him ready. We will also keep in contact with the therapist here at OCH to see what the next steps will be. We may have to continue to make trips here to help us move along. We will do whatever it take to help Peyton. We want him to be successful at eating. When we get home we will continue to go to his therapies at home like we did before. Thanks for checking in on us!

Monday, June 22, 2009

The third week of eating school begins.

Peyton is still doing well at eating school. He is still giving us a hard time at meal times. He is for sure not an 8 am eater. Since we have been here he has only eaten breakfast one or two times. He did finally eat for Gaga today at one of his meals. He has not been eating very well for her. On Saturday we spent some time outside at the playground before it got to hot in the day. He like to go out there and play. I just wish is was more shaded. In midday it is just to hot to go out. Here are just a few pictures of him outside.

On Sunday Andy was able to come up and spend the day for Father's Day. I think Peyton enjoyed seeing his daddy. I know that his daddy enjoyed seeing him. He was able to stay and spend the night with Peyton then he had to go back home this afternoon.

Gaga bought Peyton a new toy today. He got a Plasma Car. He LOVES it! So does the other four kids in our wing here at OCH. Peyton has taken it all over the hospital. I think he is going to enjoy it.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Therapy FUN!!!

Peyton is still doing well. He has really been trying us the last two days. That is expected when the parents start to do the feeding. We just have to keep on working with him. His days are filled with feeding and therapies. He is getting speech, occupational and physical therapies through out the week. Some days are more busy than others. When it is time to go to his therapies he is very excited to go. They do lots of fun things each time. The newest thing he is doing is getting to ride a bike. He LOVES it!!!! I am going to have to see about getting him one like it at home. We may be able to come home earlier than we thought. Earlier this week they said maybe one or two more weeks only. :-) GO Peyton GO!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Doing great in eating school

Peyton continues to do very well in eating school. On Friday we were able to take some of his night feed away. Today we took his 9 pm feeding away also. This leaves him with just a tube feed that runs at night while he sleeps. As he continues to improve they will take more of the night feed away. Starting tomorrow I will be staying here at OCH with Peyton all day. I will be going to all of his feedings to observe then soon I will start feeding him while they observe me. I have been warned that he may not do as well tomorrow with me in the room in the beginning.
Thank you all for checking in on us!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Eating school update

Sorry that I have not updated in a few days. Peyton continues to do well with eating school. He is also drinking pretty good for them most of the time. There are still lots of issues with textures. That will come with time. They have tried cream of wheat and oatmeal this week with no success. We are very pleased with his progress this first week. I know he will continue to do well. Andy came up for a few day to spend time and had to head back home tonight. While he was here he spent the night with Peyton and I stayed at RMH with my mother. Hopefully sometime next week I will be able to start staying during the day with Peyton at OCH. I really hate not being here. I only get to see him a short time each day. When I get here at night he is always playing and having fun. Sometime he really does not want to stop to say hi. :-( Thanks for all of your prayers during this time away from home.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day three of eating school

Today Peyton had another good day. He did not do as well with his drinking today. He only drank good for one of the therapist. They were all going to ask her what her trick was. I think he is just being stubborn! lol. We all know that he can do this, it is just going to take more time to get him drinking well. They are also starting to try some different foods with him.....a little bit more texture. We will see how this goes. I will have to continue to leave during the day through next week then I will be going to his meals with him. Until next time, I hope that everyone is doing well.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day two of eating school

Today was a great second day for Peyton. This morning I had to leave Peyton for the whole day. I was not sure how that was going to be but they all said that he did great! He had his therapies and ate five times. When he was not doing that he was playing in the playroom or going on wagon rides. Today he did great with his eating. They also had him drinking at each meal out of a medicine cup. His first meal he drank 1 1/2 oz of milk and by the end of the day he was drinking 3 oz of milk. WOW!!! I can not believe that make it so easy. While he was "at school" I went back to RMHD and scrapbooked most of the day and just relaxed. At 6 I was able to come back to OCH to be with Peyton. He saw me and let me know that he was tired. He did not get much of a nap today. We played for a while then it was time to get ready for bed. He was out by 8. It did not take long. lol. I hope that he has another great day tomorrow.
Here are a few pictures that I took tonight.

Monday, June 8, 2009

All checked into OCH

Well we are all checked into Our Children's House at Baylor and at the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas. We came up yesterday and stayed at RMHD (our home away from home). This morning Peyton was admitted to OCH for our five week stay for eating school. I did all the feeding today and he did great. Tomorrow they will start feeding him and working on getting him to drink. I have a feeling tomorrow is not going to go as well as today. In the morning I must leave before he starts his feedings and therapies and stay gone until 5:30. This is not going to be an easy thing for me, but I must think of it as I am taking him to daycare. I will be watching my watch all day to see if it is time to return. My plan is to go back to RMHD and work on his scrapbooks. I am so very behind. I hope that I can get a lot finished. I will update again tomorrow when I see how his day is going.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Packing for our 5 week stay in Dallas

First, Sorry that I have not updated in a few weeks. I have been very busy with end of the year things. I have one more half day workday then I am finished. I am very ready for summer so that I can spend lots of time with Peyton.
I must now pack for the two of us as we leave on Sunday for our five week stay in Dallas. We will be checking into Our Children's House at Baylor (OCH) on Monday morning for eating school. Our hope is that Peyton will be drinking and eating most of his meals if not all of them. This would allow us to come off of his feeding pump. We will just have to see how he does. I know we will be able to come way down of this tube feedings, but just how far we don't know. My mother will be going with us to Dallas and Andy will come on days that he can get away from all the things here at the house and work. We are taking all kinds of things to keep us busy while we are there. I hope to catch up on Peyton's scrapbooks! I am so behind.
On another note.....Kayla is graduating from Arp High School tomorrow night. Wow...... We are very proud of her! Andy and I are then taking her to see George Strait, Reba and others on Saturday in Dallas at the new Cowboy Stadium.
Please continue to check back for more updates while we are in Dallas. Hope everyone has a great weekend.