Monday, June 22, 2009

The third week of eating school begins.

Peyton is still doing well at eating school. He is still giving us a hard time at meal times. He is for sure not an 8 am eater. Since we have been here he has only eaten breakfast one or two times. He did finally eat for Gaga today at one of his meals. He has not been eating very well for her. On Saturday we spent some time outside at the playground before it got to hot in the day. He like to go out there and play. I just wish is was more shaded. In midday it is just to hot to go out. Here are just a few pictures of him outside.

On Sunday Andy was able to come up and spend the day for Father's Day. I think Peyton enjoyed seeing his daddy. I know that his daddy enjoyed seeing him. He was able to stay and spend the night with Peyton then he had to go back home this afternoon.

Gaga bought Peyton a new toy today. He got a Plasma Car. He LOVES it! So does the other four kids in our wing here at OCH. Peyton has taken it all over the hospital. I think he is going to enjoy it.

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