Thursday, June 25, 2009

Coming home soon!

We have had a great few days. Peyton is eating his bites and taking his drinks very well. He has even started doing the same for my mom. We are pleased! We have been given a go home day....this coming Tuesday!!! We can't wait. We will continue working with Peyton at home with his eating and drinking too. We also will continue to work with him on getting him ready for textures. He is just not ready for much texture yet. We have been given things that we need to do with him to help get him ready. We will also keep in contact with the therapist here at OCH to see what the next steps will be. We may have to continue to make trips here to help us move along. We will do whatever it take to help Peyton. We want him to be successful at eating. When we get home we will continue to go to his therapies at home like we did before. Thanks for checking in on us!

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Afton Barber said...

Bella sure does miss Peyton. They put a 9 month old baby in his room and she has busted in several times calling for Peyton. I am sure you all are glad to be home, but we enjoyed having friends here at OCH. Can you send me your e-mail address? I would love to keep in touch with you guys. You have such a special little boy, we can't wait to track his progress.
Best Wishes!
Grant, Afton, and Bella Barber