Saturday, May 23, 2009

Busy week but had fun!

Peyton has had a great week. Last weekend Kayla came over for a little while and he loved playing with her. They helped their Daddy pick the garden. Peyton loves to help in the garden. All that dirt!!! He also likes to look for Ladybugs in the garden. He is such a mess. We have to be careful or he will pull the plants in the garden instead of just walking and looking for ladybugs. That does not make daddy happy.

Picking green beans

I was off on Tuesday and was able to take Peyton to Windridge. I really enjoy getting to go and watch him ride. He really gets so excited when we get there. He is doing so well. This time he was able to ride outside in the field so I got a few outside shots. He is doing so much better at following directions and giving Star commands. Peyton only has a few more weeks left in this session. He is really going to miss riding this summer. We will be in Dallas for all of June except the first week and Windridge is closed in July and August. We will start back up in September again.

Yesterday was my dad's 60th birthday. We had a surprise birthday party for him here at our house. Peyton helped me decorate the house. He loved all the numbers. We had number 6 and 0 all over our house. He was such a mess at the party. He had not had much of a nap and all the extra people in the house made him over stimulated. WOW!!! I was ready to pull my hair out. He thought it was funny to throw things. When it came time to do the cake he wanted to help Papa blow out the candle. Of course he really does not have this down yet but he did try. This is not a great picture but I needed to be close so that he did not put his hands all in the cake. I could just see that happening. lol.

I hope that everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend! Be careful out there.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

March of Dimes Walk and party for Granddad

This past Saturday was the March of Dimes "Walk for Babies". When we first got there Peyton was not a happy camper. He just wanted to "Go home, Mommy". I think that he did not like the loud music and talking. Just when I was about to go back home we met up with our friends The Taylors. Once the walk finally started Peyton was better. We had a nice 3 mile stroll it was just very humid out. Nothing like last year.....It was cold out. After the walk we were not able to stay around for the other events. Peyton started saying "go home mommy" just as soon as we started heading back to the events. I just could not put him though that again. Here are a few pictures that we took of the walk.

Peyton and Dylan after our walk.

Later that evening we went to a small party for Granddad. He ran for mayor in Lone Star and he won. Peyton enjoyed his visit with family. Once we got there he did not slow down. He ran around all night visiting and dragging us around.
Granddad and his cake
Peyton and Uncle Chuck
Peyton and Daddy
Peyton dragging Granddad around

Sunday we had a great day. We just stayed around the house and did some work. Peyton and Andy gave me some pretty flowers. Peyton loved smelling the flowers. He is just so sweet!! I love him so very much.
What a cute little boy!!!!
We were getting ready to go somewhere and he decided that he wanted to play on the couch instead of putting his shirt on. lol He is just so funny! He just wanted to lay around and do nothing. I cant blame him. Sometimes is it nice to just sit around and do nothing.

Monday, May 4, 2009

My little outside boy and info about OCH!

Peyton is doing great! Now that the weather is nice he is outside everyday to play. He just loves it outside. He never wants to come in when it is time. Andy has been working on a new patio for us out back since we spend so much time out there. I think he is finally finished with it. He did a great job. I finally got a fountain which I have always wanted but just did not have a place for one. It is great to sit outside with Peyton and listen to the water. Peyton like to walk up to the fountain and watch the water flow. He also likes to stand in front of the fountain and say "Ladies and Gentleman, I am Peyton Nichols" then clap. lol He is funny!!!

Last week we got the call about Peyton's eating school adventure. We will be checking into Our Children's House at Baylor (OCH) on June 8 for a five week program. This summer we will be inpatient. Last summer we were outpatient. This means that we will not be able to go places like we did last summer. Peyton will not be able to leave at night or on the weekends. I am not looking forward to that part. We will have to be sure to take lots of things to keep us busy. They do have a few playrooms and a playground but that is just not the same as going to the zoo or shopping or visiting with friends at the Ronald McDonald House. We will have have to make do. I think that my mother will be going with us so one of us will be staying at The Ronald McDonald House at night while the other is at OCH with Peyton. I will keep you posted on our adventure. Until we go I am sure that we will have lots of things to do here at home. Peyton has been "helping" his daddy in the garden lately. I will have to get some pictures of that for you. He really likes to help. Lately he has really wanted to look for ladybugs in the garden. I am not sure where that really came from but we have fun looking for them and letting them crawl on our arms. He thinks that's great. I am sure we will be riding the 4-wheeler down around the lake or anywhere we can go. He loves to ride the 4-wheeler. (Yes, I know, we don't go very fast) Until next time...........
Here are just a few more pictures of Peyton doing his favorite things.....