Sunday, July 5, 2009

Love being home!

Well, we have now been home almost a week. It was so nice to get home and sleep in our own beds. There is no place like home!! We have not done a lot since we have been home other that rest and relax and of course eat our bites and take our drinks. Peyton has really been trying me since we have been home. Eating is not the problem, it is the drinking! He just does not like it. I know he can drink I just have to sit and wait for him to decided to drink. If he does not drink he can not eat, that is part of the program. He must take 3 bites then 3 drinks. We can not skip any one of them or he would not be drinking again. He will figure out that things are not going to change since we are home. We are sticking to the plan that we learned at OCH.
I hope that everyone had a Happy 4ht of July. We did not do much here. On the 3rd we took Peyton to see the Longview Fireworks. He really enjoyed them I think. He would tell us the colors of them as they were in the air. I hope you have a great rest of the holiday weekend!

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