Monday, June 8, 2009

All checked into OCH

Well we are all checked into Our Children's House at Baylor and at the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas. We came up yesterday and stayed at RMHD (our home away from home). This morning Peyton was admitted to OCH for our five week stay for eating school. I did all the feeding today and he did great. Tomorrow they will start feeding him and working on getting him to drink. I have a feeling tomorrow is not going to go as well as today. In the morning I must leave before he starts his feedings and therapies and stay gone until 5:30. This is not going to be an easy thing for me, but I must think of it as I am taking him to daycare. I will be watching my watch all day to see if it is time to return. My plan is to go back to RMHD and work on his scrapbooks. I am so very behind. I hope that I can get a lot finished. I will update again tomorrow when I see how his day is going.

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