Sunday, April 4, 2010

Helping mom and Dying eggs!

Peyton is doing great. He continues to eat and drink very well for us. His food must still have no lumps. I hope one day that he will be able to eat normal food. I know it will just take time.
We have had a busy weekend. Saturday we worked outside in the yard. When it came time to water, you know who wanted to help with that. He was such a big helper.

By the time all the plants were watered Peyton was soaked. He had such a great time.
Later Saturday afternoon we dyed eggs. This was really the first time that Peyton had dyed eggs. He was so excited!
Ready to dye eggs
Time to put the eggs in the dye
Watching the eggs change colors

This was after we were all done. It is in the wrong order.

Time to take out the eggs
He was such a big boy. He did not want any help.

What a great time we had!
I will post Easter Pictures later.

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LouLou said...

I see Peyton and you had a great Easter! I am very happy for that!!!
Peyton is such an adorable boy while watering the plants and dyeing the eggs! :)
Thanks for sharing your pictures!
All the best,