Saturday, March 13, 2010

Daffodil Farm and Pump It Up Jr.

Peyton has had a very good month. He continues to do very well with his eating and drinking. He has taken a big step in the last week. He is now drinking out of a big boy cup and not a little medicine cup. I know this may seem so small to most of you but it is a huge step for him. We continue to work with him each and every day to make progress with his eating and drinking. We still do not have much luck at all with any texture in his foods. One day we will get there. I am fine with that. We just have to move at Peyton's pace.
Last week Peyton and I were reading some of his books. I pulled a brand new book off of the shelf and opened it up to read it. It was Dr. Seuss' Oh The Thinks You'll Think. Before I could start reading it Peyton read the first two pages of the book without a mistake. I was SHOCKED!! He is not suppose to be reading yet, he is only 4. Oh Boy what we get to look forward to.
Last weekend we went to Mrs. Lee's Daffodil Farm in Gladewater. I love going there this time of the year. It is just so pretty and you can get some great pictures. Peyton was not in a great picture taking mood though so we may try to go again in the next few days before they are all gone. Here are a few of the pictures that I was able to get.

Wow, its so pretty
Peyton wanted to take his camera with us so that he could take some pictures also.
Peyton with his Goggy and Poppy
Peyton and Poppy
Peyton and I

Last night we went to a birthday party at Pump-It Up Jr. It took Peyton a few minutes to get warmed up to the new place, but once he did he had a great time. He was not ready to leave when it was time to go. We will have to go again sometime.

Crawling up the little ladder to go down the slide. Just look at that face!
What fun!

Can I fit though here?....You bet I can.
Time for a little drive
Playing in the P

He just could not get enough of the slide. After we had played for most of our playtime I finally convinced him to try the bigger slide. I loved the bigger slide. Just as we got to the top they came on and said it was time to put our shoes on so we only got to go down it that one time.


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Stacey said...

HI, I just happened upon your post and really enjoyed reading about Peyton. He is beautiful and so full of life. Thanks for sharing! If iyou have time why don't you swing by and visit my blog I will stop by from time to time to visit

sofyan said...

you grandchild funny

LouLou said...

Any updating???

LouLou said...

This child is adorable and a great example of life!!!
I wish you updated...