Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Doing great with mom feeding!

Peyton continues to do very well. He is eating around 3 ounces of pureed food at each of his four meals and drinks about 1 ounce from his special cup each meal. He is eating just about all of his bites. This is great!! Today I began feeding him at his afternoon meal times. He did very well for me. I am expecting him to try me at anytime. Everyone has told me to expect it. We will just have to see how long it takes. We are trying new foods almost daily and so far he is excepting everything. Today he ate yogurt, cheese soup, lasagna and banana pudding and to drink he had carnation instant breakfast. This afternoon the dietitian weighed Peyton and we were able to wean one of his tube feeding down some. Everyone seems to be very pleased with his progress. I know we are!!!
Tomorrow I think in ST they are going to work with introducing a little bit of texture. They are going to try some yogurt that has a little fruit and cereal in it. That will be interesting. I hope he does well. I will soon be able to go sit in on this ST and OT sections so that I can continue to work with some of the things when we get home. I am also going to see about getting him into another therapy place at home that will continue to work with him weekly.

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