Sunday, August 10, 2008

First Week Finished

Peytons first week of eating school went very well. It was much better then I thought. He is excepting his bites and he is learning good eating technique. He tried many new things this week and took them all with out a problem....tomato soup, chicken soup, strawberry yogurt and butterscotch pudding. All of his feeding this week were 3 dry spoons followed by 1 spoon dipped in the food. This next week I think that they will be adding more food to his feeding.
Yesterday Andy, Peyton and I went to the Ft. Worth Zoo. We had a nice time. There were lots of people there and it was very HOT! This was Peyton's first time to visit a zoo. He liked making all the animal sounds. Some of the animals were very active. It was fun to watch them. I would have loved to have taken of the train, but I decided that Peyton would have probably screamed the whole way. We will have to go again and ride the train. I will post pictures of our zoo trip later today.
Andy headed back home today. He has to go back to work tomorrow. He will come again when he gets a day off.

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Joan said...

I am new to blogging and just leaving a comment has been a challenge for me. I am happy to be receiving updates once again. You are a very patient mom Katie. I am sure Peyton will soon be eating junk food like the rest of us. The junk food of preference at our house these days is powdered donuts. Lizzy and Parker can't seem to get enough of them. Maybe they can figure out how to put that on a spoon for Peyton!
I wish you all well,