Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Making great progress!

Peyton is making great progress. He just amazes me. This week we have been eating more bites of food. He is now up to three bites of food and one dry spoon. Today we added cheese soup to his menu, so we are now eating 4 different foods. Today was a great day for Peyton, three of his meals he ate about 2 ounces and the fourth meal he at 3 ounces. WOW!!! Today in OT he played with mac and cheese, they play each day with some kind of food. They also work on climbing stairs and they swing in the therapy gym. In ST they are working on him excepting different kinds of food and drinking from different cups. Friday we are going to meet with our dietitian to get a current weight and see about weaning off of some of his formula. How exciting!

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