Monday, August 18, 2008

Week 3 of eating school

On Friday we started going into the room with Peyton while they feed so that we can see the technique that we have to use. Peyton was excited that we get to go. Today they started with the drinking again in ST. Then this afternoon he had to drink during his feeding times. The first feeding this afternoon was not so good. He took his first few bites with no problem, then when it was time to drink it went down hill. He threw a fit for about 20 minutes, until the timer went off, without taking one drink. He would not take the bribing with toys, movies or bubbles. That was the hardest 20 minutes for me. All I could do was sit there and ignore and not make eye contact. I thought that the timer was never going to go off. When it finally did go off he was able to get out of his chair but I could not hold him for a few minutes. That was SO hard!! All I wanted to do was pick him up and comfort him.
I was so dreading his next feed. During his second feed this afternoon things went much smoother. He took all of his bites and he even took all his drinks. We were all so proud of him and we let him know it! He ate over 3 ounces and drank 15 cc's of his formula thickened with simply thick. Tomorrow he will be expected to drink in all of four of his feeds. All of his therapist say that he is doing very well. They all LOVE HIM!!!

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