Thursday, August 28, 2008

What a rollercoster ride!

Sorry that I have not posted in several days. I have typed up an update several time but the Internet connection has not been good so of course I lost them.
Last weekend I fed Peyton here at RMH and he did very well for me. We had no big problems. Monday was back to school and again he did very well for us. On Tuesday Peyton decided to start trying us. I tried feeding him the first three time and he did not eat much, only about 1 oz of food and about the same for the drink. He did a little better for my mother the fourth meal. Yesterday was not a good day either. His first meal (25 min) he did not eat one bite! The second meal he ate about 2 oz of food and about 1 oz of fluid. His third meal he once again decided to have a stand off and took not one bite. His fourth meal he ate a little but not much. These day are not easy for me. I thought that today was going to be a good day. He woke up all on his very own and was very happy. We got to school and for his first meal my mother fed him so that I could meet with another mom about the program. He ate very little for her. His second meal I fed him and he ate very little again. His third and fourth meals my mother once again fed and he once again did not eat ONE BITE!!! These day are not easy for my mother and I but we are going to win! Everyone at OCH is glad that he is doing this so they can help walk us though these meals. They say that this behavior is not uncommon but that it usually happens in the second or third week of school not the last week. Tomorrow will be our last day at eating school. They are going to give us all the info we need to go home and continue what we are doing here. We will be keeping in touch with them through this process of learning to eat more. If need be we will come back in the future for more. We are hoping that we can do as much as possible at home.

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