Saturday, November 29, 2008

What a great week we have had!

I have been off all week for the Thanksgiving Holiday and have loved being able to spend every minute with my Peyton. We have had a great time. Monday we had to go to Dallas to see our favorite doctor. Peyton did great, he even was taken off of one of his breathing treatments unless it is necessary. On Tuesday Peyton helped me clean up around the house and then he helped his daddy with the new computer desk. He like to be a helper!

Peyton has enjoyed playing in the sun room this week also. As he gets bigger he likes the dogs more. It is so fun to watch him play with Bear and Sadie. He laughs so hard when he plays with them.

Thanksgiving Day was a very busy day for us. My side of the family came over and we cooked and had Thanksgiving lunch. We all got stuffed! My parents and grandmother both came. My aunt, uncle and two of my cousins also came up from San Antonio. It was good to see them while they were here. Kayla was able to come and spend the day with us as well. Peyton enjoyed spending time with everyone.

Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Paul

Cousin Carson

Gaga and Papa

Peyton and Kayla (sister)

Nannie and Peyton enjoying the outdoors.

For Thanksgiving Dinner we went up to Andy's dad's house. All of his family was there and everyone brought food. Another huge meal in one day. I think that we just had dessert. We were still full from lunch. Peyton had a great time playing with some of his little cousins.

Peyton and Aunt Aleta Ann (Andy's sister)
Granddad and Peyton
Daddy and Peyton

Yesterday and today we have been working on getting all of our Christmas things out. Peyton loved helping us put the train together. The loves to watch is go round and round. Today he helped me with the Christmas ornaments. He would hand them to me so that I could hang them on the tree.

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