Thursday, November 13, 2008

Having a great time!

Peyton continues to do very well. He keeps all of us very busy! He is doing something four day a week. Thanks to my mother and I don't have to miss work to take him to all of his therapies. THANKS MOM!!! None of this would be possible without her. Oh what fun he is. He decided to start sitting inside the refrigerator whenever the door is open and he is near by. What a mess. Here are a few pictures....

He has also started using rocking chair more. He drags it around the house just to sit in it. This was my dad's rocking chair when he was a little boy and my rocking chair too. He just loves it.

Last Christmas he got a rocking horse that he really has not had much interest in up until now. Now he rides it almost daily. He get on and says "Yeehaw".

Peyton is having a blast getting to ride Star at Windridge every Tuesday! When you ask him is horses name he can tell you. He gets so excited. This week he even got to trot on the horse. I can not wait until I get to go and watch. I have just seen pictures and heard stories about his time at Windridge. I think I will get to see him the week of Thanksgiving. I have the week off and plan to go. Here are a few pictures of this week.


Darla said...

These pictures are so precious. I hope I get to meet Peyton some day? I also have an important question - How does anyone have an empty shelf in the door of their refrigerator? :-)

Mikki said...

I was wondering the same thing about the clean and empty!!

Peyton has grown so much!!! He is looking like a young boy...not so much toddler. He looks fantastic and I would be happy if I got to ride horses too...;)