Saturday, December 20, 2008

Busy few weeks

We have been very busy around here. Sorry that I have not updated in a while. The month of December is always very busy for me at work and I have lots to do. Peyton continues to do very well. He is talking up a storm we just can not always understand what he is saying. He is a big copy cat. You must watch what you say around him. HaHa. He just amazes me. He is such a big boy! This Christmas is going to be so fun. He is really enjoying the lights and Christmas trees. He is doing very good at not messing with them. I figured that I would be battling with him and the trees. He loves to watch the train go around and around too. We made our trip to see Santa at the mall so that we could get our Christmas cards out to friends and family. This year he was not to sure of the Jolly old man, but after a few minutes he did okay. Thankfully there was no one in line behind us when we went. Here is his picture.....
Now that school is out we are trying to get all of our Christmas shopping done. Each year I say I am going to start early but I never do. I am now off until the first of the year and I look forward to being able to be at home with Peyton. Here are just a few more pictures we have taken.

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