Tuesday, September 30, 2008

East Texas Angel Network Concert

We had a great time at the concert Saturday night. Peyton did really well for the first part of it then he wanted to be up and walking around. That means that the rest of the night Andy and I took turns walking around the top of the coliseum chasing Peyton. He was having a GREAT time. When Neal started to sing Peyton and I started dancing, then he would not let me stop. He is such a mess. Here are a few pictures that we took of the night.

Gaga, Peyton and Daddy enjoying the night.

Homer and Gloria Barron (former Miss. Texas) the ventriloquist. She was amazing.

Baby Neal and Gloria doing her magic. This was hilarious! Poor Neal.

Blake Shelton was great!

Jack Hanna brought lots of really neat animals. These are just a few of the animals that he brought with him.

Neal starting to entertain. He puts on an amazing show!

Peyton and Daddy

Neal and his brother singing.

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Mikki said...

Katie...I am slow to the whole blog thing. I still have not totally figured out how to follow a blog. Is following/subscribing the same thing? I was adding a new feature to my blog and then saw you were a follower of my blog!! I did not even realize it was you! Well, now I can keep up with you guys!! =) The benefit looked really neat!