Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cleaning up after IKE!!

Peyton had a busy week. He was tested for speech therapy at school on Monday and then occupational therapy on Wednesday. On Friday we took him out to Windridge Equestrian Center to see about getting to ride horses for therapy also. He will get to start soon. I must fill out some papers and get the Doctor to sign them before we can start. We are very excited. We have been wanting to do this for a while. On Monday we have to take Peyton to another therapy center for an occupational therapy evaluation. We are wanting to get him into a therapy gym. He is going to be a busy little guy.
As many of you know Longview was hit by IKE. We had lots of high winds here. Thankfully we did not loose any of our trees. We just lost a few small limbs then lots of leaves and tiny branches. We have lots to pick up. Our neighbors across the street lost a huge pine tree in their front yard missing their house only by a few feet. We lost our electricity yesterday around 3:30 and we are still without it. I think most of Longview lost power. Peyton and I came to my parents today to redo our laundry. When we lost power I had just put a load in the washer and the dryer. They got their power back last night late. I hope that we get ours back soon. I called again today to report and they said that we should have ours back by Thursday at 8 pm. They must be joking!! I just we will just have to go stay with family if that is so.

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