Saturday, October 24, 2009

Spending an afternoon with Thomas the Train

Today we went down to Rusk, Tx to the Texas State Railroad. They had Thomas the Train there visiting their depot. Peyton really likes trains right now. We spend lots of time playing with all of our trains here at home. When I heard about Thomas being in Rusk I just knew I had to take Peyton. He had a great time. They had lots of activities there at the depot and we got to take a 30 minute ride on the train. It was great. Peyton even had his special hat to wear too. My Parents went with Peyton and I. There were lots of people also enjoying the day with us. The weather was beautiful! Here are some of the pictures that we took.
Waiting on the train.

Here comes Thomas!

How exciting!!!
Ready to board

All Aboard!!!!!

Peyton dancing in the train with the staff.
What Fun!!!

Mr. Conductor and Peyton

Playing with all the trains they had set up.


Melody said...

I am so glad that Thomas the train came to town to see Peyton. He looks as the he had a blast. How one little boy can ooze so much cutness I'll never know.Can't wait for the next big outing, He will dazzle everyone again. Mizz Mel-o-dy loves you and misses you bunches!

The Scherms said...

Lars has just started getting into trains! We are going to be in TX in May and I think we are going to take him on this train ride!
Peyton looked like he had so much fun! I hope Lars likes it too! He will be 2 then.