Saturday, April 18, 2009

Outside fun!

Peyton has had a great few weeks. His language increases daily. He is talking so much better now. Most still can not always understand him and sometimes I can not but he is doing much better. He is Mr. Chatterbox!! lol We continue to spend a lot of time outside when the weather is nice. You never know about our East Texas weather, one day it will be very nice and the next will be cold again. I am ready for it to make up its mind. Now that is it April we are getting lots of showers too. We really need it for our grass and plants but that means we can't go outside and play. I knew it was going to be raining on Easter so I took a few shots of Peyton outside before the rain came.

Peyton examining the flowers.
Taking a break and rocking on the front porch.

The Easter Bunny came to see Peyton on Easter morning. He brought lots of things to play with. He brought sand toys for his new sandbox and some new train cars for his train table. Peyton loved playing with the eggs too. We had eggs all over the house.

Once the rain finally quit and it dried up some outside we made out trip out to the back to play. Gaga and Papa were over visiting us and Peyton managed to get Papa up in the fort to play. When they were finished Peyton wanted to slide in Papa's lap and would not take no for an answer. We were all laughing so hard. I don't know who had more fun.....Papa or Peyton. They ended up sliding two times then Papa said no more for now! lol... I know what he means.....the slide was not made for adults....

We were finally able to take the new sand toys to the sand box and play. He had a blast playing in the new sandbox. He even took his shoes off and let his feet be in the sand. He played for a very long time. I am sure we will be spending lots of time out there now. That's fine with me. Being outside is better than sitting in front of the TV. Since the rain has kept us in some Peyton has fallen in love with the movies Cars and The Land Before Time. We have watched them a lot lately. They are both cute movies so I don't mind watching them.

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I have lost your e-mail again! I was wondering if yall had decided on going to OCH this summer and when. I just e-mailed Tracy this week and she said she doesn't have an opening until July. My e-mail is