Sunday, April 11, 2010

Windridge Open House

Yesterday was Windridge's big open house. This is their big fundraiser that helps to support them. They let the kids ride to show off what all they do while they are at therapy. Peyton loves Tuesday mornings when he get to go ride Star. Here are some of the pictures that I took while at the open house.
While we were waiting his turn to ride we walked around to explore all the other things around. He found the carriage and wanted to get in.

Then we went walking up the bridge to see where it took us.

Time for Peyton to ride Star.
Here he comes.

Peyton riding backwards
He just loves to ride!

After the kids rode they all got a ribbon to wear.

Peyton and his Poppy and Goggy
All of us after Peyton rode Star.


LouLou said...

Peyton has such a sweet smile on the carriage!!!
He is too cute!!!
I am happy to hear you had a lot of fun!
Best wishes,

amber said...

Peyton is such an adorable boy!!!

Violetta said...


Allineed Islove said...

so cute!!! *_*

Bella said...

We are longing for news on Peyton! How is he doing?
Take care!!!