Saturday, April 24, 2010

Peyton's first plane ride

On Wednesday Peyton had his first plane ride. My parents along with Peyton and I flew to St. Paul, Minnesota for a family wedding. Peyton was so excited about going on a big airplane. I was dreading the security at the airport but we made it through without much drama. Then we made it to our gate and had to wait a while. Peyton watched all the planes go by asking each time "Is that our plane?" While we were waiting two people that work for Southwest Airlines came and found us and gave Peyton a little certificate that was for his first plane ride signed and dated. Thanks Caroline!! Here are a few pictures of us at the airport waiting on our plane.

Peyton playing his Ipod.

Peyton and Poppy
So excited!
Finally time to board the plane. He was so excited about getting on the plane. We found our seat and got all settled in for our ride. The plane was pack! I was a little nervous about how Peyton was going to do but he did great. We sat behind the wings the first half of out trip so it was a little louder. He did not care for the noise that the wings made at take off and landing. When we got to St. Louis we had a small layover so we moved up to the front of the plane while we waited for the others to board.

Watching a movie
While we waited in St. Louis Peyton was taken up to the cockpit by one of the ladies on the plane. Everyone was just so nice!
Just before the others began boarding we made our way back to out seats and Peyton crashed! He was so tired. He slept the second half of our trip.
Our cousin Diane and Doug met us at the airport. We have been very busy these few days that we have been here. Yesterday after we helped decorate for the wedding we had some down time so the four of us went to the Mall of America. While there we visited the Underwater Adventures. It was very neat to see all the fish and sea life. Peyton was not to fond of it. He did not like the sound. It was amazing!
When we left there we found a Build-a-Bear. Peyton pick out a horse to make. While I made the horse Peyton and my mother went out and waited. He did not like the sound in the store. Things were all better.
Here is Peyton's new friend....."Star".
Today we have a little down time this morning then this afternoon and evening we have wedding events. We are looking forward to seeing more family today. I have no idea what we have planned for tomorrow. Monday we head back home.


Emmy said... sounds like your trip was a lot of fun :) Peyton is so cute!

Bella said...

Great!!! The Ist time I flew I was 20 years old!!!
Star is very nice: beautiful horse!!!
Kisses to Peyton and tks for updating!!!

Bella said...

... ah, I love the pic in the cockpit!!!!!!!!!!

Jem said...

... I have changed name but it is always me LouLou, Bella... now Jem.
No changes anymore, I swear!
I just want to tell you that I follow your blog constantly: Peyton is one of the sweetest children I have ever seen!!! His smile is so shiny: I love him!!!
I do want to wish your family all the best!!!
... longing for more pictures!
See you soon,
Jem (now and forever! ;-) )

Jem said...

Hello! Any news?! :D

joven said...

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ambra said...

it is 2 months you have not updated. I hope you all are doing well.

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

Cash Carroll said...

Awwww… Peyton is so cute. I remember doing the same thing with my own mother. I remember my nose pressed on the screen watching the planes go by and would ask if that was our plane. She even made it into a game. She told me the plane number and said that I was to search for it and I remember squealing when I did. A lot of people smiled when they heard me. I was even jumping up and down, pointing at the plane yelling: “There it is mommy there it is! It’s a big plane!”.