Saturday, December 26, 2009

Playing catch-up on Thanksgiving and Christmas

Sorry about the delay on the updates. We have been very busy here. We had a great Thanksgiving with all of our family. We had Thanksgiving with the Nichols' side on Sunday before Thanksgiving. Most of the family was there. Peyton had a great time with all his little cousins. They all ran and played with balls outside after lunch.

Sitting on the couch like a big boy with cousin Stacy
Thanksgiving day my family came over to the house for lunch. Peyton like to entertain everyone. After lunch we played and of course watched football too.

Once all the Thanksgiving stuff was put up, Peyton and I started decorating for Christmas. Peyton always loves to help me decorate the tree. He gets so excited with all the lights and decorations. He goes around the house saying "It's party time". Crazy boy!

We of course had to go see Santa for the year. Peyton always loves to go see him. This year the first time we took him the mall was very loud so we could not do it. I did not want a picture with his hands over his ears. The second time was much better. He just does not like loud noises or places.

This year our weather had been so strange. One day it will be nice and the next it will be freezing cold. On the 23rd of December we had us a tornado here. It came extremely close to our house. Andy and I were watching the weather alert on TV and he said there was a rotation in the area of our house so we went and looked out the window and saw it form. It was HUGE!!! I went to a safe area and Andy continued to look out the window. I was so scared. It turned just before it got to our house. Thank God Peyton was not at home! He was at my parents house. The house down the road from us was destroyed. There was lots of damage to our area. It was determined that it was an EF2. It was to close for comfort.
Christmas Eve we spent with the Nichols' side of the family. Everyone had a great time. Peyton always has fun playing with cousins at Granddad's. He received lots of nice things.

Christmas morning Peyton slept in. I fear this may be the last time for us to sleep in on Christmas morning. We will just have to wait and see. Santa came and brought lots of things for everyone. My parents and my grandmother came over and we opened our gifts and then had lunch.

Peyton had a great time opening his presents this year. This was really the first Christmas he has had so much fun. He wanted to do it all by himself this year. He would get so excited.

This year all he asked Santa for was an Ipod with music and games on it. Well, guess what Santa bought him...... Your right! It was so much fun watching him open that present. He was so excited. He ran around the living room and had to show everyone. It was great!

After opening all the presents and lunch we all relaxed in the living room and watched Peyton play with all his new things. We had such a great day.

Peyton with his Goggy

Peyton with Nannie

Peyton with his Poppy
I hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas!

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