Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kid Conductor for The Trains at Northpark Mall

Peyton had the privilege of being this years Kid Conductor for The Trains at Northpark Mall. This is a huge train exhibit that benefits the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas. We were very excited to see all the trains. Peyton, Gaga and I drove up last night because we had to be at the mall at 8 this morning. Andy was not able to go with us due to work. When we got to the hotel Peyton had a room full of new goodies.

He had great fun opening all the toys and playing with them. So much so that he woke up at 4:15am this morning and said "I need to get up and play with my toys". He did not understand that the toys were all sleeping and he needed to go back to sleep also. Thank goodness he did finally drift back off to sleep.

This morning we had to get up early to headed over to the mall for all the festivities. Peyton wore his new jacket which has The Trains logo on it. There were lots of people at the mall to see the opening of The Trains.
When we arrived at the exhibit we were allowed to go in before they opened to get a sneak peek! Ban Bywaters, the man that puts the exhibit together each year took us though and showed us all the different areas.
This is the Ronald McDonald House in the exhibit.
About half way through the exhibit Peyton had had enough of the sounds. He does not always do so well with loud sounds. As you can see by the next few pictures. He has his ears covered. Crazy little boy!

Children's Medical Center
Peyton's first home....Baylor Medical Center
The state fair

Around 8:30 was the official opening of the exhibit. We were one of the ones to help cut the ribbon. My camera batteries died of course, so we did not get a picture of the event. This was taken just before the ribbon was cut.

We had a great helper today, Crozier Kimzey! She is the one that did all the shopping for Peyton's new toys and set up our hotel room. She did a great job picking out just the right toys for Peyton. He LOVES them! Peyton had a great time with her at the mall. They went on all kinds of adventures up and down the mall. You know Peyton...always on the go.

There were lots of activities to do other that the exhibit....balloons, face painting, snacks and many more. One thing that Peyton really liked was the magician. He was great! Just how do they do that?
We had a great time today.


leslieandmatt said...

I've been thinking about taking Cora to see the Trains this year and when I found out Peyton was going to open the exhibit I REALLY wanted to go! I had to work the night before:( I'm so sorry I had to miss his celebrity moment! I haven't seen him since he left Baylor! Will yall be at the Reunion this year? It's been rescheduled for May.

willson said...
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