Sunday, September 13, 2009

Peyton playing on Tractors!!!

Peyton has had a great week. It is hard to believe that he is already four years old. Wow, where has time gone? His weeks continue to be very busy and this coming week he will start going to Windridge again to ride Star! He is excited. We have been talking about it all week. His only free day during the week is Friday now. Eating continues to get better all the time. He is eating and drinking well most of the time for us.
Out behind our house they are working on the large ponds. They are making a third pond which means they have large tractors out there. Peyton LOVES the tractors. He will sit and watch them for a long time. Lately when we have gone he has to take his little dozer with him.

Peyton sitting in Mr. Wardlaw's mule while watching the tractors until after dark.

The other day while we were picking up some medicine from the pharmacy Mrs. Allison let Peyton pick out a toy from the toy box. Well, he found these glasses and he had to have them. He calls them his "Wobble Goggles". He got that name from the show Imagination Movers on Disney. One of the guys on the show wears wobble goggles. Peyton is just so funny with these things on! What a mess.

Peyton has finally decided that he wants to get on the tractors out back. Today Andy and I took him out back to get on Mr. Wardlaw's dozer. He loved it!!

When they got off, he said he wanted to go get on Mr. Gatlin's tractor. We took over to it also and he had a blast.

We thought we were going to be finished then. Well Mr. Peyton had other plans. He wanted to go get on Mr. Gatlin's other tractor.

Then Mr. Gatlin's other tractor.

After we finished with all of the tractors out back we went for our usual ride out in the woods. We love doing this. It is so peaceful! On our way back home we passed a few more tractors that he just had to get on!

He has a few tractors at the house that look like this one that he plays with all the time. He calls them "Scoop" from Bob the Builder.

What a fun day our little Peyton had. We are so lucky to have great neighbors that allow us to ride on their land and get on their tractors. What a great place for a little boy to grow up!

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