Saturday, September 26, 2009

East Texas Angel Network Meet and Greet 2009

Peyton continues to do very well. He stays very busy during the week with all of his activities....Therapy, horse back riding and school. He loves them all! We continue to work on his eating and drinking everyday. This week we were invited to attend the East Texas Angel Network Meet and Greet again. Peyton is a past angel and they all love him so much. They always want to see him. He has a blast when we go. This morning we went and were able to see all of his friends at the office. We were also able to see Neal McCoy, Jack Hanna, Kevin Sharp, Gloria Barron and all of their families. They are all so kind. Tonight we will go to the concert they are having also. The East Texas Angel Network is such a super charity!!

Peyton pulling Mrs. Patsy around.
Peyton petting a snow leopard.
Peyton watching the leopard eat.

Peyton and Neal McCoy

Peyton with Gloria Barron, Baby Joey and Neal. Peyton loved talking to Baby Joey!! We all were laughing so hard. He did not want to leave but we were holding up the line.
Peyton and Kevin Sharp
Peyton and Jack Hanna

Peyton and a little fox

Peyton holding an armadillo.

Peyton and another kind of leopard.

Peyton, Andy and Mrs. Hanna

Tracie, Peyton and Patsy

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Melody said...

Peyton always finds a way to amaze me. Seems he is moving so fast these days. I pray that everyday is filled with lots of color and wonderment for the little boy I call SUPERSTAR!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you Peyton. Mizz Mel-o-dy