Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Little Helper!!

Last week we made our trip to Dallas to visit the doctors. He had a great visit! We will go back in three months to see Dr. Gelfand, our lung doctor. We do not have to go back to our ENT unless there is a problem.
We have been painting in our laundry room and putting in new base boards. Peyton loves to be a helper. When daddy gets his tools, Peyton must go and get his too. He is a big time copy cat. You better watch out!!! You must not say or do anything that you don't want him to do because if he sees you he will do it.

Daddy was connecting the washer and dryer back so Peyton had to help.

Daddy was on the phone so Peyton had to get on the phone and sit like daddy.

We are ready for the nice spring weather so that we can spend more time outdoors. When it is nice out Peyton loves to be outside. He really like to play in the dirt. I never thought that I would see him playing in dirt. He hated it! I can just imagine what he is going to do when I start planting plants in the flower beds. I am sure that he will be a big help. HaHa!! I am sure he will love to help out in the garden too.

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