Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back to our Busy life.

I had a great two weeks off for Christmas and loved every minute of it. I got to just be mom! We had a great time. We played, went to therapy, went shopping, played, played and played. He did not get to go horse back riding over Christmas break because Windridge was also on break. The last few days before I had to go back to work were beautiful (in the 70's). My mother and I took Peyton to the park for the first time and he had a great time. We got in the swing, climbed up all the things, went down the slide and wondered all around Kids View. I will post new pictures very soon. I really did not look forward to going back to work but that time did come.
Peyton was able to get back to riding Star this week. He loves riding so much. I still have not been able to go and watch him but my mother tell me all about it. I look forward to the time I can go. Maybe spring break!!!
This past week Peyton had another swallow study done here locally. What a chore!!! Of course he HATED it! By the end of the test both of us had barium all over. He is swallowing very well and he even tolerated just plain liquid. So now in Speech they are going to work with liquid that is not thickened. We are still working on the eating and drinking. He is doing pretty good with the eating just as long as there in not much texture. We are struggling with the textures still. He still does not like drinking. We continue to work with him daily. He will one day be eating and drinking great. We just have to patiently wait.

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